Precision Meat Thermometer


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Pick up your cooking game with our meat thermometer. Unlike other temperature probes, ours gives you the ability to select your meat and taste. So, you never have to worry again about making sure your meat is cooked to perfection each and every time.

A digital screen shows you the temperature of your meat, and below it are two buttons. Press the top one to scroll through different types of meat – turkey, beef, veal, lamb, pork and chicken – and select the one you need.

A second button, marked ‘taste’ allows you to choose how well done you like most meats – rare, medium rare, medium and well done (you can’t do this for poultry where rare meat would be unsafe to eat). It also shows the temperature. A switch at the back lets you flick easily between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and there’s even a little light at the front.

As well as giving you the temperature of your LDF produce, it also doubles up as a big fork, perfect for keeping the meat steady whilst you carve.


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